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[1] 2021-03-31 · flaser bedding A form of heterolithic bedding characterized by cross-laminations draped with silt or clay. Flaser beds form in environments where flow strengths fluctuate considerably, thus permitting the transport of sand in ripples, followed by low-energy periods when mud can drape the ripples. Flaser bedding can be subdivided according to how the mud is deposited over the rippled sand. The various types of flaser bedding are simple flaser, bifurcated flaser, wavy flaser, and bifurcated wavy flaser. Simple flaser bedding is when the flasers do not contact one another and they are concave when the bed is upright. Mud in simple flaser 2000-10-01 · Flaser bedding is a sedimentary structure characterized by alternating rippled sand and discontinuous mud layers created by the deposition of mud on previously existing sand ripples.

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Lenticular bedding would be coded as 3X3 and wavy bedding would be coded as 3X2.5. Flaser beds are a sedimentary, bi-directional, bedding pattern created when a sediment is exposed to intermittent flows, leading to alternating sand and mud layers. While flaser beds typically form in tidal environments, they can sometimes form in fluvial settings, such as around point bars or in ephemeral streams (source: wikipedia). Aug 9, 2014 - Domain for Sale. RepublicanHour.com. Request Price. What Are the Advantages of a Super Premium .Com Domain?

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flaser bedding : German - English translations and synonyms (BEOLINGUS Online dictionary, TU Chemnitz) Lenticular bedding occur when sand is trapped in troughs in the mud as sand waves migrate across a muddy substrate. If mixing produces minor mud layer in a sandy substrate the pattern is called flaser bedding. Lenticular bedding Flaser bedding 11.

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Flaser bedding

These features are thought to be created by deposition of suspended fine-grained mud onto a rippled sandy seafloor during quiescent periods, followed by migration of sand ripples during periods of strong Lär dig definitionen av 'flaser structure'. Kolla in uttalet, synonymer och grammatik. Bläddra i användningsexemplen 'flaser structure' i det stora engelska korpus. Flaser Bedding. Wavy Bedding. Lenticular Bedding .

sample 2.15 - flaser and lenticular bedding - Download Free 3D model by UQ School of Earth and Environmental Sciences (@UQ_SEES) [67fd211] The wavy orientation of the streaks indicate flaser-type ripple bedding.
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Flaser bedding

The sand formations within the bedding display a 'lens-like' shape, giving the pattern its respected name. They are commonly found in high-energy environments such as the intertidal and supratidal zones.

The sigmoidal sets are as much as 80 cm thick and extend as much as 11 m laterally.
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expressed by alternations in mud drape intensity in the flaser bedding . Nov 30, 2019 Flow fluctuation is evidenced, for instance, by structures with heterolithic stratification – flaser, wavy to lenticular bedding. The occasional  May 24, 2012 periodic alternations of the ebb-flood cycle, including lenticular bedding, wavy bedding and flaser bedding (Reineck and Wunderlich, 1968).

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